BIRT Missing Report Icon.

Some is up with my workbench, in that no matter what the icon for BIRT does not show up anywhere.

I did try to follow the advice here, KNIME 3.4.1 running in LINUX mint - missing BIRT report icon but wasn’t able to resolve.

I can’t seem to force the icon to show up no matter if I reinstall, switch workflows, etc.

Hi there @alanwegr,

was the BIRT icon ever there and then disappeared or was never there after you installed BIRT extension?

What KNIME version and OS are you running?


Hey Ivan,

The BIRT icon used to always be there, but all of a sudden (I can’t pin point what I did) it just vanished.

Using windows 10, latest knime version (4.1.3). Is there a way to install the extension? Nothing comes up in the “install extensions” menu.

Hi @alanwegr,

can you check that you have BIRT extension installed? Go Help --> About KNIME Analytics Platform --> Installation details.

There you should see KNIME Report Designer. If it is not there you need to install it. Check here how to install extensions in KNIME.


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Thanks @ipazin! That’s it. I was looking for “BIRT” and “Eclipse” under extensions.

No idea how this extension became missing.

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