KNIME 3.4.1 running in LINUX mint - missing BIRT report icon

I have been running 3.4.1 on LINUX mint. I imported a workflow with a BIRT report which ran sucessfully however once I closed that report the BIRT Icon disspeared completely. There is nowhere I can see to call up the report writer again. I deleted KNIME folder and re-unzipped a fresh copy of KNIME but I still dont see the BIRT icon. Are there some settings saved somewhere in LINUX I should delete in order to do a clean re-install? Its very frustrating. Can I suggest you have a menu item for the BIRT report writer as well as an icon?


Hi Mark,

Does the log file tell you something? In order to check the log file please follow the following path: <knime.workspace>\.metadata\knime\knime.log.



Hey Mark,

Can you please specify how you accessed the Report Designer the first time, and where you are looking for that icon?

There are no settings stored somewhere in your operating system (as far as I know). The only place where settings are stored should be your workspace. This means a clean install will most likely not solve problems related to settings, but you need to create a new workspace.


I might have faced the same puzzle, and might have a pointer.
The Reports icon appears only when Workflow editor is in focus and disappears if any of the other KNIME windows are in focus.

So just click on Workflow editor or a node there and you might see it again.


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