Birt report designer not loading


I am trying to open Birt report from KNIME 4.6.1 but KNIME is stuck in an unrespnsive state. There isn’t a big amount of data to beloaded so not sure what is causing the issue.
The report designer is stuck on this screen:

The data table has only 5916 rows of data and consists of 4 String columns with less than 50 character lengths.

Hi @Willem,

What kind of visualizations are you including in the Birt report? The unresponsive state could be related to an issue found in this forum post: BIRT Report Viewer Hangs

Hopefully this helps!


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Hi Dash,

I haven’t done anything in the report yet. It is a new report that I am trying to create so haven’t added anything yet. I cannot get into the report designer.


Hi Willem,

Can you share a screenshot of the workflow in question? Are you using a “Data to Report” Node or a similar BIRT report node?


Hi @dash_brookhart

I am trying to use the “Data to Report” node. Here is an example where I am trying to sent to sets of data, but trying to sent just 1 set with one node also causes issues.

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