BIRT Report Preview - HTTP ERROR 503 Service Unavailable

I am taking KNIME course KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Scientists: Basics and doing the hands-on exercise “Data Export and Reporting” which involves creating a BIRT report.

When I view the report as HTML (I also tried PDF), my web browser opens and I get the following error:

I tried a few things but none of this worked:

  • Changed the web browser that is launched from Knime to use a browser where I don’t have any ad-blocking extensions installed.
  • Changed the IP address to the address of the machine running Knime (in the Preview Server preferences)
  • Temporarily turned off Windows firewall

I am confused by you changing your IP address to match the “machine running KNIME”.

Are you just trying to view a BIRT report preview in html or pdf format on the same local machine that created the report, or are you trying to share the created report preview with another computer? Or is this a KNIME server exercise?

I am trying to view a BIRT report preview in html or pdf on the same local machine that created the report.

When I leave the Preview Server preferences at their default:

I get this error on the report preview:

I was thinking it could be something with the IP address of (but it shouldn’t because that is localhost). So on the rare chance that it was, I set the IP address in the Preview Server preferences to (the IP address of the machine running KNIME), but got the same error.

@ceagle - You do not need to setup a Preview Server in preferences to view reports on your local computer. You can just preview them in your local browser.

Just go to the view dropdown in the top BIRT menu and select your chosen format.


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