block nodes

Hi everyone.

I’ve had some problems with people having free access to files and all nodes.

I would like to know if there is a way to block certain nodes in the knime, whether it is a permanent block or that can be executed by permission, password, etc.


Hi @noe1995,

I do not quite understand. I assume you are referring to either Windows or Max OS. Usually software is installed either for individuals or all user profiles of a system.

The Knime application directory does not contain anything sensitive so I believe you mean the workspace, do you?



Hi @mwiegand.

It’s just a one node.
Suppose that in the flow I have 4 nodes previously configured, i cannot remove them from the flow (management orders).

So I need certain users to be able to use these nodes and other users can only use a single node.

Captura de pantalla 2024-06-11 163626

in this screen i need block DB Writer for some users, but other users have acces for this node.

Without knowing the configuration of your workflow its a little difficult to comment. I’m not an expert in this area, but have you tried feeding the credentials to an IF Switch node to feed to different branches? Another possibility would be to use a Rule Engine Variable node to translate the credentials and then feed a Case Switch node to select the branches, Another alternative might be to use a Value Lookup node to translate unique credentials to classes and feed that to a Case Switch node.


Hi @noe1995,

I believe, as @rfeigel expressed a well, that you want to write into the DB only under certain conditions. There is no way to literally block access to a node if the extension is installed as the DB Writer is always installed alongside the DB Loader.

Though, a better approach would be to not block access to the node but i.e. require credentials. The awesome Selenium Nodes got one which resets when the workflow is loaded. If the DB credentials are stored in a file that is specific to the users who logged in on Windows, you can programmatically determine who only got read and who got read/write rights.

Here is an example workflow. Please bare in mind that this is really just a showcase! It is also imperative to understand that the user credentials should always be saved only temporarily but not permanently as the “new default”

User Name: user0

User Name: user1

In case the credentials are stored in a local file i.e. in the users home folder, permanently saving the default should theoretically work as upon reset the file is read again each time.

PS: I added two more options to evaluate and showcase the options at hand. The most viable approach is the one using Credentials Configuration as the password is reset after the workflow got closed.



Hi everyone

im tried used Mike method but i don’t have much time to implement. The solution for me was to use the platform Git for two versions, one contains all node’s with credentials and other without credentials, but I want to implement the method the Mike.

Thanks everyone.