[Bug] Column Filter with partial RegEx Match doesn't filter


a partial RegEx Match which presumably should provide two columns as an output, is only giving one back.

Here is the test workflow:


Hi @mwiegand and thank you for your feedback,

Actually, the ouput is correct, it’s the preview of includes in the dialog which is wrong.
Apparently, the preivew matches any column names that end in one of the values on any side of the “|” (or). The regular expression in your screenshot only matches the first column and that’s why you see only this one in the output.
I created a ticket for the preview issue: UIEXT-1619


Hi @armingrudd,

I almost reported the same issue twice. Will this get fixed with the next update?


Hi @mwiegand,

The ticket is done now.
We have an automated process in forum now which reports the completed tickets to the corresponding forum topic in Feedback & Ideas category and moves the topic to the “implemented fixes” subcategory (Here is an example).
This topic should also get updated shortly (in a few days).

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Good morning @armingrudd,

thanks for letting me know and pointing out that new process which I very like. Coincidentally I recently submitted this suggestion which kind of reflects that process. Do you believe your new process can be used to collect all open feature and bugs in one place as an overview so community members can participate better and vote?


Dear @mwiegand,

Our internal process (workflow) updates topics in the “Feedback & Ideas” category since this category is the place to share feedback, request for new features or report any issues (bugs). This update can come sooner than the changelog (before the release) and also informs about the version(s) in which you can expect the update. Also, the topic will be moved to “Implemented Fixes” where everyone can review implemented fixes/features requested by the community.

For this to work well, we need to have all related topics (feature requests/bug reports/…) in the Feedback & Ideas category. That’s what many community members are already doing and we also try to move these topics to the correct category if they are created in another category (Here, users with “regular” trust level can help as well).

I see your point about enhancing the procedure of sharing feedback/reporting issues and asking the community to vote. I agree that we can promote this category more or even provide a “Top voted” list of feature requests once in a while to attract more attention and probably votes.

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Internal ticket ID: UIEXT-1619
Fix version(s): 5.3.0, 5.2.4
Other related topic(s): -