Consolidate & Moderate Bug and Feature Posts for improved Voting


I marked it as a feature request but mean to suggest to improve the forum moderation.

Personally I find it difficult to follow posts about bugs and feature to vote for each. I’d like to suggest to provide a moderated approach which summarized the latest (monthly?) as well as a post containing a rolling list of those which “didn’t make” it.

That would allow the whole community, at a glance, checking features and bugs in a consolidated fashion, vote for them and better help request coordination with the Knime-Developers.

On a personal note
I thought of scanning, using Knime, all posts for ticket references and compare the results with the changelog. Since that can be problematic, I formerly want to ask for permission and maybe a quick exchange to discuss the process I envision.


Hi @mwiegand -

At the moment, one of the most useful things you can do is sort by cast votes (both your personal votes and those collected across the community) as described in this post. I realize you are probably aware of this but just for the benefit of everyone else I will link to it:

As for automated scanning and comparison of tickets, this is something Armin has been working to improve recently. I believe he gave a few details about this in a separate thread, so for completeness I’ll also link it here:

Thanks for your feedback both about KNIME Software and the forum itself! We really do appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback too!