BUG: Conditional box plot

Dear KNIMErs,

the Conditional Box Plot in KNIME 4.2 (Win 10 64 bit SDK nightly) gives me an incorrect sort order on string-numeric category labels, see below:

A fix would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks! :slight_smile:


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Yes, it would indeed be nice if there is some way in which we could control the order of the categories; sometimes I want to have a box plot of categories that can be divided into distinct groups; in such a situation I would like the categories belonging to a certain group to appear next to each other in the box plot.

Consider a boxplot comparing the weights of corvids and various birds of prey; afaik Knime does not offer a way to make the boxes appear in a sensible grouping, such as:
Crow - jackdaw - raven - hawk - buzzard - eagle

Last time I was in this situation I was forced to move the boxes around in Gimp after producing the box plot with Knime.

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Well, I tried my best with the “0” prefix already, alphabetic order should’ve done the trick in this case - but the feature seems bugged in this node. :-/

And while I agree that hierarchical groups and custom sorting rules would be even better to have, I am also slightly wary of having too many reporting-type features in KNIME’s core. If I did it for a publication I’d probably go the ggplot route via R, and for exploration I’d just continue to generate alphabetically ordered prefixes.


Dear Ergonomist,

seems like there is something wrong with the sorting of the node. I agree that custom sorting would probably make sense. I have opened a ticket and will write here once its finished.



Great, thanks! :slight_smile:


Has this been fixed yet? I really need to rearrange this

Hi there @lckrogh,

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Not sure fix would help you. What you can try is following transformation from string to number:
Apr 18 --> 1804
Maj18 --> 1805

Anyways will add +1 on ticket (internal reference: AP-13814) to better handle order of categories if possible.


Just a quick heads up on this topic. You can find an example for a grouped box plot using the Generic JavaScript View node in https://kni.me/w/jVhS7wh9sLSJIEHh. You have to make sure that your data is exactly in the required form (first column = group, one column for each subgroup), though.


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Hello there!

Issue reported here is addressed with KNIME version 4.2.3. (AP-13814)
Changelog here:


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