bug in Variable Condition Loop End

In the Variable Condition Loop End node, if the table structure changes on a different loop, such as a Column Type changes, the node fails.
This is even despite the fact that the “Collect Rows From Last Iteration Only” is ticked, so it should be irrelevant if the table structure is different between runs.
An example error is:
ERROR Variable Condition Loop End 3:360 Execute failed: Input table #0’s structure differs from reference (first iteration) table: Column 4 [body (JSON)] vs. [body (Binary object)]

The instance of this error is in a workflow which involves a GET request. When it succeeds I get a JSON column, when it fails that JSON column is a Binary object and is empty. I wanted to set up a loop with the Variable Condition to rerun the GET request if this happens. However, because Column Types are changing this node is failing.



Hello @richards99,

it’s more like a missing functionality but definitely feels like a bug when option “Collect Rows From Last Iteration Only” is ticked.

Here is workaround and ticket number:



Thanks for the link, I ended up doing it a slightly different way:

And then this went into the Variable Condition Loop End node.

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