Variable Condition loop end - Allow changing table specifications


Just like with the “Loop end” node, would it be possible to have the options “Allow changing table specifications” and “Allow variable column types” to the Variable Condition loop end node?

To avoid blocking errors like:
ERROR Variable Condition Loop End 0:183 Execute failed: Input table's structure differs from reference (first iteration) table: different column counts 5 vs. 40

Thanks in advance!

You can do it using a recursive loop instead. It allows you to pass a table back to the start so you can merge that with the new table part using a Concatenate node. The Recursive Loop End allows you to specify a variable that determines when to end the loop.
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Thank you your swift reply and for this really useful workaround!

However my feature request is still valid, so please don’t close the topic :slight_smile:
Thanks again

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Hi there @sebversailles,

your feature request is valid and corresponding ticket (Internal reference: AP-13656) is created.


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