[BUG] List Files/Folders does not recognized string variable

Good morning.

after upgrading Knime I might have recognized a bug. The List Files/Folders – KNIME Hub extension seems to struggle with simple string variables. The former node which is marked as deprecated does not. The node description does not state to require a variable of the type URI or so.

Any thoughts?


Hello mw,
the List Files/Folder node is part of the new file handling framework that was introduced with KNIME 4.3. The new framework is based on a new path type. If you have a string you can convert it to a path using the String to Path (Variable) node. To create new Path variables you can also use the new Create File/Folder Variables node. With the next bug fix release we will add this information also to the node description and will also provide a dedicated migration section in the KNIME File Handling Guide.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the information @tobias.koetter. Is it possible, in addition to adjusting the description of the new node as you said, to also enable the new path type in other nodes like the Table Creator – KNIME Hub?


There are many other nodes which lack support of the new path variable like the Files to Binary Objects – KNIME Hub.

What are the plans to full introduce the new path type?

Apologize when I am a bit annoying but there are β€œsibling” notes where one does but the other does not support path variables. A bit frustrating … in case of the Image Writer (Table Column) – KNIME Hub

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Hello Mike,
you are right that we should take more care of migrating all nodes that belong to the same category e.g., the Image Writer (Port) and the Image Writer (Table Column) with the same release. This is an ongoing effort, and we will continue to migrate more and more of the existing nodes to the new File Handling Framework with each new KNIME Analytics Platform release.