Bug - When using a remote desktop, clicking on the pen to edit annotation makes KNIME window drawing crash


On knime 3.7 build of 6th of december, when using it through a remote desktop :
when I click on the pen in a workflow annotation, the window becomes unresponsive and it is impossible to to any further action. KNIME can be closed, but workflows cannot be saved.

Seems I’m not the only one, this looks like the same problem as Workflow freeze & graphics problems with KNIME 3.7

On my case it happens on my workflow when

  • I click on the pen
  • move the annotation while it’s greyed out
  • change focus
  • click on the pen again.

I’ll do some extra tests to see if this is related to this workflow only.

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There’s (at least) two problems in 3.7.0 with the application freezing under Windows (due to the graphics subsystem running out of resources.) One can be seen in using a loop with a large number of iterations, and the other involves working with annotations when there are a fair number of nodes and/or annotations also in the workflow.

The former has a fix that has been merged into the 3.7.1 release, and so can be found in the nightly builds.

The second has a fix that is waiting in PR at the moment; it seems likely that a merge will not happen until the new year. Later today (perhaps by 21h GMT,) i can make a drop-in patch jar available similar to what i discuss in this post - Workflow freeze & graphics problems with KNIME 3.7

Patch jar built and made available - please see here Workflow freeze & graphics problems with KNIME 3.7

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