Calculate active time vs idle time for a project

I have calculated the duration of a project from a start and end date. I now want to apply a filter that will remove the idle time and only show duration for active project time. The idle time varies each day so I need to list all the days between the two dates and remove the hours for each day/project.
Can you please advise what would be a good way to do this?

Hello @AidanByrne,

you would like to get sum of active hours per project? And if x is idle time then active time is 24-x? Are start and end date included? Probably you’ll need to loop over project one by one, calculate number of Mondays, Tuesdays… and multiply it with number of active hours.


Hi @ipazin,
Yes I am looking for active hours.
Start and end date are included but are in a different table to the idle times/day.
I just need help with the Loop to calculate active hours.

There are a few similar examples that can get you there, for example:


The second one I think is easier to understand and follow along.

I modified it slightly, updating some of the deprecated nodes and replacing the Rule Engine node with a Joiner node which brings in the idle times per work day. This means you don’t have to hardcode any rules.

The end result is:

You should be able to make the modifications to calculate active hours.

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This worked perfectly, thanks to you both.

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