Call a workflow and get the output as input for the main workflow

Hello there,

I am struggling a lot with the Call Workflows nodes. Maybe I didn’t understand yet the deep spirit of these nodes but I just would like to

  • call another workflow from the main workflow (I do not want to send any input, just want the called workflow to be triggered)
  • get the output of the called workflow and used it in the main workflow



Main Workflow.knwf (16.5 KB)

Called_Workflow.knwf (10.4 KB)

It it possible to make it work Knime Platform 4.5.1 ?

@Fra_S3k_knime you could take a look at these examples and try to adapt them:

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Ok, I see I was using a Workflow Service Output instead of a Container Output…:

This way I am able to get the output of the called workflow in the main workflow.

Thanks !


Hi @mlauber71,

I achieved to understand a bit more about call workflow methods. However, my main goal was to create a workflow which can call another workflow to get the db ports both when running locally as well as when running on server.

I used a Call Workflow Service for that. The problem is that, when the main workflow is running locally (with the workflow to be called is on the server), the Call Workflow Service node do not give any output. The job on the server is created and executed correctly, no error is shown and the main workflow is executed correctly, but the db port just does not work. On the other hand, when the main workflow is executed on server, everything goes well.

Is there something I am misunderstanding about this method ?

Many thanks !

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