Call Workflow node not working when consumers execute in Hub

I am trying to create unique BIRT reports for each row from the input table. I am able to run this workflow as an administrator from my Hub; however, I am getting this failure every time a consumer tries to run this data app. I assume they are being blocked from calling the other workflow because they are logged in as a consumer and don’t have the correct credentials to remotely execute the other workflow? I haven’t had much luck finding useful information online about how to insert credentials into the Call Workflow node.

Using analytics platform 4.7.4
KNIME Business Hub version = 1.8.0

Hi @CMassey, did you verify the URL is correct? Maybe you right click on the Hub-Workflow to copy it’s path is correct?

Hi @ScottF, I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to add either a distinct category or tag for Hub-related topics.

PS: To ease the process or limit possible point of failures I submitted this feature request:


Ah, but there is a category for Business Hub topics! KNIME Business Hub

I have moved this topic there :slight_smile:

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