Call Workflow Row based: could not index worklows

If i try to edit(open as new Job on server) a workflow in the server(behind a firewall), i get the the following error:

Hi @KarstenS
There have been a few previous users who experienced this error.

Can you please check out their Forum thread and try out the suggestions mentioned?

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If neither helps, please let us know the KNIME product versions you are using, and if this issue happens no matter which workflow you add in the Call Workflow (Row Based) node - please also try adding workflows that don’t contain spaces or special characters.

Hi @Dora_Oravecz, i am using Knime 4.7.2.
If i edit the workflow directly everything seems to work fine, unfortunately i can not do it in this way. I need to use the remote workflow editor (rightclick, open as new job on the server) and there i get this error.

Hi @KarstenS have you tried out the suggestions in the mentioned Forum threads?

selecting the workflow in the dialog i tested, that is where i get this error. Reinstalling the knime server / knime executer is currently not possible.
Did i miss other hints?

One more comment, the Job seems to be executed fine on the server, so this is maybe only a client problem?

Now i tested Knime 5.1.2 with remote workflow editor addon and i got the same error:

Hi @KarstenS Thank you for the updates! It seems the error message reports the issue more accurately in version 5.1.2, saying:
“Can not create the workflow execution connection, configuration in a running job is not yet supported”

Which would mean editing this in Remote Workflow Editor is not supported.

I will internally check if the error version 4.7.2 gives you has technically meant the same issue.

So currently the workflow executes fine on your KNIME Server (and locally on the AP), your issue is not being able to edit the workflow via the Remote Workflow Editor. Did I get this correctly?

Hi, exactly, because i can not define the input paramters(where the error is shown).Can i ask our server-admin to enable some logging or so, what couldb help?

Hi @KarstenS our development internally confirmed that the “input parameters” section in the Call Workflow (Row based) node is not supported for editing by the Remote Workflow Editor.

This means you can only edit it directly - as you have already done so.

Hi @Dora_Oravecz , thanks for the feedback. Can you ask the developers, how i should edit the workflow if i have no direct access to the protected network which i can not connect directly?
Thats exectly the reason why i try to edit this workflow with the remote workflow editor.
Maybe you can put it on the feature whish list @tobias.koetter ?

Hi @KarstenS Would editing the workflow in an AP first, saving it and then uploading to the KNIME Server again be a viable alternative for you?

Unfortunately not, because i can not access the source data. So i would need to ask for RDP Access to the Knime Executer to edit this worklfow i guess.

@KarstenS You could also ask your internal KNIME admin to share the workflow and source data with you, which you could then edit in the AP, and re-upload to the KNIME Server.
This is up to your internal team’s decision now.

Thanks for the hints, the source is in a protected newtwork, so only the mashine where the knime executer runs, has access to the source. Vut i will find a way somehow.

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