Can a dashboard from Visual layout editor be exported to a report form such as PDF?

Hi Everyone,

I have a workable component dashboard view that I would like to export as a report. I’m happy with the layout from the visual layout editor. I’m hoping that I can find a way to export these. I’ve set it up in a loop and it would be awesome if I could export these reports in bulk.

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I did find this reference to utilize a bundled browser here:

and here

but this did not seem to be compatible with the visual layout editor so I’m still stuck.


Hi @j_ochoada -

This is an idea that has come up before, and we have a ticket for it (AP-12452). Unfortunately it’s not something that’s been implemented yet. I’ll add a +1 from you on the ticket.


Could you share a screenshot of your dashboard (with dummy data)
Curious to see what it looks like regarding so many views :wink:

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Hi Daniel,

Sorry for being away for so long! I’m back and here is a screenshot of the dashboard of interest.

I was trying to avoid BIRT and leverage the layout tools in the component. I have 50-100 of these so it appears currently I could only screenshot them hahaha.

Seems like I should invest in building in BIRT…


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Thank you @ScottF !!!

It will be very convenient. Please add 1 also for me.
Thank you


Thank you Scott. I agree with what mentioned so, add one for me as well.

If I understand correctly, most part of the beauty with the new Business Hub lies on the Data Apps that you are able to create and share with other users. The iteraction or colaboration concepts are very powerful but if you are not able to export / document the outcome some way, it might also severely suffer from this shortage.

Thanks for the additional feedback, @Charlie20. I’m happy to say that this feature is in active development, although I can’t supply an ETA at the moment.

Just like you all, I’m also actively looking forward to updated reporting functionality in KNIME. :slight_smile:


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