Cannot download examples or drag workflow from Hub to Platform

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I was able to download examples and drag workflow from Hub to KNIME Platform successfully, but recently it doesn’t work any more, with Error “NewWorkflowContainerEditPolicy” when I tried to drag workflow to platform. Error:
image when I tried to open examples. (by the way, I’m in China). I can double click to get examples on platform without VPN, once I connect to VPN, Examples doesn’t work anymore.


Hi @Joy_Zhu ,

Unfortunately it seems the issue is with your firewall/VPN and not with KNIME. if you are able to access and drag examples/nodes from the Hub without connecting to the VPN, then I would suggest using this method as we cannot help with firewall restrictions from your companies side.


I have the same issue. Company firewall blocks it. I eventually found this, which requires a couple-extra clicks, but works around it. Just download, then open the .knwf file.

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Thank you Zack, you’re right, its company firewall, my colleague told me so as well.

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