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Hello in a previous post I saw it’s possible to save interactive views as HTML. Cannot find the option any more… Where is it?

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Hey zioludo,

the option only exists for the bundled chromium browser and not for the CEF browser we are shipping nowadays as a default. You can still download the bundled chromium as an extension and change the used browser in the JavaScript preferences.
The more important question is, why you would want this. As was pointed out in the thread you have linked the output html is completely static and is pretty much the same as if you would just use the image output of the view.

Having the HTML with interactivity is not possible at the moment. There was a feature request recently in the #feedback thread requesting exactly this (Need an HTML render node for Interactive Views - #4 by iCFO).



I also mentioned one of my current workarounds in that other post as well if you are interested. I am only using the free manual process on occasion at this point, as I have Tableau server and the other paid version capabilities would be redundant.

Dear Daniel, Dear iCFO,

Thanks. I would like to save the full view to copy paste it Powerpoint (still the preferred analysis delivery options for my clients)

I often do slides with multiple charts from knime and I have developed visual basic macros to upload up to 3 charts in powerpoint templates. Using the component output looked as an alternative… or maybe I should try BIRT or work via PowerBI (I don’t use Tableau).

Thanks for the suggestions.

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