Cannot use String Manipulation Node


I recently downloaded the KNIME Analytics Platform for Windows (zip archive).

I have no success in using String Manipulation Node.

After dragging the node into the canvas, clicking OK button after node configuration will result to the following error message:

Invalid settings: cannot locate necessary
libraries due to I/O problem: Access is denied

I already reinstalled/re-extracted the zipped file, changed its file location where path has no spaces (as read here: String Manipulation Node cannot locate necessary libraries), read other solution from the community, but still no success.

Anyone can help?

Hi @jratac ,
Welcome to the KNIME Community!
Could you please let us know which version of KAP you are using?
Also, could you please send us the complete log file so that we can understand the problem better?



Hi Sanket,

I am using KNIME Analytics Platform version 5.1.1.

Attached below is the log file.
knime.log (202.1 KB)


Hello @jratac ,

a) You mentioned that you installed it in a new directory. What were the old install path and new install paths?
b) what does the workflow around the string manipulation node look like, and what does the node config for that node look like?

Just trying to repro to dial in on the library issue.


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