Can't get Google authenticator P12 or Json to function

I get data from a google spreadsheet. The google authenticator function well when I use “interactive” mode, but I can’t get P12 or Json key to work. And I would like very much to use them to avoid manual connection.
Would someone provide a precise step by step to got it to work ?
I have a google project with Sheets API activated.
I have for this project an OAuth 2.0 client from which I can download a Json file (and it does not function in Knime’s google authenticator)
I have also for this project a Google Service Account but there is no Json or P12 download button available, so I can’t get to use it with knime’s google authenticator.

Help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. Have a good day.

Hi @Raphaelluce -

I’m afraid I haven’t much experience on this myself, but I found this recent thread that lays out some steps where @mwiegand helped troubleshoot. Maybe it helps?

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