Can't launch old version while have new one installed

Hi there
For workflows design I use new version 5.2.3, but our server is deployed in 4.6.4, thus to schedule the workflows I asked to provide files in 4.6.4 version.
Previously to do that I just opened the workflow in 4.6.4 and saved. I don’t know if this happened after recent update, but now 4.6.4 doesn’t launch. I had 4.6.4 downloaded as archive and simply used knime.exe from the folder, but now it just doesn’t work and neither I can’t instal 4.6.4 - requires to delete 5.2.3.

Any thoughts?

Hey @kalinichenko,

I would take a look at this post for a potential solution:

Specifically, this reply from @takbb:

Hope this helps!


Hello there
Actually the problem was sooooooo simply, but not really obvious. Following company policy we have to store all the information on OneDrive. By default I downloaded zip archive to a folder under OneDrive and didn’t noticed that. Thus most likely part of critical files were in cloud and not on premise.

After moving ZIP our of OneDrive just to hard drive everything worked with ZIP which I downloaded originally.



Great to hear you found a solution for it!

Thanks for sharing what happened in your case, it may be helpful for anyone else with a similar issue in the future.


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