Can't open example workflow

It’s shown as the picture, example workflow cannot be opened. It works on previous version.
:joy::joy::joy: I don’t understand the details. Could anyone do me a favor?


welcome to the community.

May I ask you from which country you are trying to access the examples? We know that this is a problem for people from China. Maybe this helps.


Hi Mark,

I am trying it in China. :joy: So I get it, it’s the wall thing with AWS. I will try the method in the attached pic.


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Hi Mark,

I am back. I am a rookie on network things. I am not sure what should go where for the proxy setting.
Could you help me more? :joy:



just something general concerning proxies:
Assume you want to access a website, e.g., but for some reason it’s restricted or you want Google to think that you are located in Europe. What you can do to achieve that is to a proxy, which is a server that acts like a man-in-the-middle. This means that instead of accessing directly, your pc will open a connection to to the proxy server, which then accesses and redirects it’s content (in that case the logo + search bar) back to your computer. Depending on where the proxy is located, Google thinks that your pc is at the location of the proxy.

A similar concept (with higher encryption) are VPNs. The differences between VPNs and proxys can be found here or

There are several VPN providers that offer free traffic (usually limited bandwidth/time) that can be found on the internet and one has to choose depending on the needs. Usually these websites provide the manuals that guide you through the settings you have to make to use their VPNs or simply whole applications which can be installed on your machine and are easy to use.

When setting up a VPN/proxy you always have to keep in mind, which data is send via the VPN/proxy and how secure it is concerning encryption and how they might use your data. Furthermore, depending on the settings every application may use your VPN/proxy settings, i.e. sending their data via the server in the middle, instead of directly communicating with the destined server. Thus you may only want to set KNIME to use the VPN/proxy and/or only for addresses accessing AWS instances.

If you are working in a company/university, it could be that they may already offer a VPN that can access AWS servers.

For a disclaimer: I’m not familiar with the laws of China concerning the usage of VPNs and proxies.


Hi Moritz,

Really appreciate for your answer. It’s more than I expected. :joy:
When you mentioned about proxy, I thought I only need to change some setting in proxy setting instead of using VPN. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I just use VPN and it works now.
Thanks a lot for your time!

Best regards,


We are having the same issues within our company since the launch of KNIME 4.0. It would be good if KNIME gives a detailed overview of the inner working of the EXAMPLES workflows and of URL’s and used ports etc.

Getting to change firewall rules for specific applications is not something IT likes in larger companies. I am stuck with 800 people not being able to open example workflows just after starting with KNIME.

We don’t use anything else than http/https. Therefore if your firewall allows that in general there is no need to change anything.

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