Can't save the workflow

Hi all,
I couldn’t find a post about this. This is the error it shows:

File access problems: /private/var/folders/bn/5pgd6wgs4936lt99c2lk91pc0000gn/T/knime_Workflow Manage87216/knime_container_20230209_12470056227572867710.bin.snappy (No such file or directory)

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards

Hello ppeng,

Could you please give a little more context to this problem so that we can understand it better? It would really help if you can share a sample workflow and mention with which node/functionality you are facing this issue.

A similar issue related to snappy compression was reported before. I hope the below information on the previous forum thread helps you to solve your issue.

  • try opening a fresh WF and copy/paste the whole thing and try saving that without internal data storage
  • try changing the compression to (GZIP or NONE) by passing the value to the parameter in your knime.ini file - requires restart



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