Can't use Kerberos to connect to SAP

Hi team,

I’m experiencing an issue when using Kerberos when connecting to SAP using KNIME Analytics Platform. I hasn’t been an issue with previous versions. Is there any additional settings that need to be configured for it to work in the latest version?

Can you please help?


Hi @NikolineNLHS and welcome to the forum. I moved your post into its own topic so it wouldn’t fall through the cracks.

Can you post the error message you are seeing? What version of AP are you on, and what operating system?

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By the way, this recent post looks very similar to yours, so it is worth keeping an eye on:

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I’m using the most recent release KNIME 4.6.1. Operating system is Windows 10 Enterprise. As mentioned in the thread, this was not an issue in the previous KNIME AP version.


Hello @NikolineNLHS ,
please see this post for a possible solution:



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