Change Column Header name

Hi!! Knime Expert Hope you are doing well.

I am facing following issue…


89 23 75 97
90 50 98 75
53 23 23 96


Doc. No Vendor Group

Required Output:

Doc. No Vendor Group
89 75
90 98
53 23

Please help me to develop workflow.

Thanks in Advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

hi @ravi13,

you should use the Transpose Node for Table 2 and then it’s the Insert Column Header Node. Should be configured like shown here…

Hope this helps, Greetz, Tommy


thanks for your response.

As of now I am using Table creator for Table 2.

I can put data in any format, but my concern is that data is coming from Table1 in technical name and in Table 2 i have technical name which is limited means … data is coming for 100 column but my requirement is of 10 column only and i want replace that technical name with functional name.

Please guide me.

maybe that will help:


Yes, my table creator substitutes your Table 2.
And it’s possible to refer only a specific amount of columns in Table 2. The other columns will stay as they are (the option “Fail if no assignment” has to be unchecked). You can filter them with the help of the Column filter Node.

Thanks for reply, but what i think is this would not work if sequence is not maintain.

can you share your workflow if possible.

hi @ravi13,

attached two examples which should work for you:
KNIME_project19.knwf (20.1 KB) KNIME_project20.knwf (10.6 KB)

You could also try to loop through your columns and rename them one by one


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