Change user agent in chrome through selenium nodes

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I’ve an issue with a workflow. I’m trying to open a page in chrome browser, the thing is that I need a specific user. When I’m doing the login, the page asks me a code everytime I do the login. Is there any option to save the login and skip the code step?

Thank you!

Hi Jalvear,

you can use a persistent profile which will survive browser and workflow restarts. See here for an example workflow which a created a while ago:



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However, a new inconvenience arises, attached image

I am trying to automate a process in a web page that has an indexed dashboard, I don’t know if that influences something

Based on my experience, that’s mostly caused by option (b). Did you check for frame/iframe elements?

I don’t know how to check that option, could you explain me please

I suggest a forum search for selenium iframe and you’ll get several helpful posts. Especially have a look at:


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