Click improperly working

Hey Y’all, this workflow should be clicking the “next” arrow on the bottom of the page and going through 10 pages before navigating to a new URL, but it seems to be clicking 10 times each time it goes through the workflow. any help?

Image and URL for reference


I had answered this a couple of days ago via email:

Hi Brenden,

generally, the “extract” nodes will run for every single input row. If you have e.g. 10 input rows which you feed into the node, and execute another extraction the extraction will be repeated for each input row. Assuming that the node will find e.g. five elements, you’ll end up with 10 x 5 = 50 results.

To work around that, you’d apply a “Find Elements” node which will get you the content area for the ten people you want to extract, and then further extractor nodes which operate within the found elements provided by the Find Elements node.

Please have a look here for a more detailed explanation:

How to collect several outer / inner html elements for the same table - #2 by qqilihq

Does this help?




@brendencampana Did it work?

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