Clicking/tapping really fast on a node can cause an issue

Hi @armingrudd , as promised , here is a video of the “erratic node movement” behaviour in KNIME 5.2.

I don’t know if this is the only time it occurs, but as I demonstrate in the video, it can occur when double-clicking the node (to bring up the config) except that as you do so, you move the mouse slightly. Under the right circumstances this puts the node into a kind of “confused move mode” .

I’ve upload my “KNIME 5.2 Jumping Nodes demo” as an mp4 to Dropbox, and it can be viewed here:

(this demo is on Windows 10, KNIME AP 5.2)

@Marthael , are you able to confirm if the above is the same (or at least similar) node movement behaviour that you mentioned?


Dear @takbb,

Thank you so much for the nice reporting of the problem. I could easily reproduce it just by watching your video.

Here is the ticket for this issue: NXT-2123


@takbb That’s correct.

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Nice demo of some very strange behaviour.

Also, a really nice example of why the lost ‘Outline’ view is so useful when you have lost one of the nodes off the side of the editor ‘somewhere’ at about the halfway point :slight_smile:



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Fix version(s): 5.2.1, 5.3.0
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