Clouder-Hive-Driver on Server installed but not found during job execution

We want to schedule a workflow on our Linux/4.3.2 Knime-Server with the HIVE-Connector using the cloudera-hive-driver and not the standard apache hive driver. Our knime adminstrator has installed the driver via preferences on the server via a GUI and when he starts the workflow it works. But when we deploy and schedule the workflow from our Knime-Client or Webportal the workflow doesn’t work, telling us that the cloudera-hive-driver could not be found. Do we need a special user context in which we have to register the driver?

Hello @schmisie,

just discussed driver registration on server today. Maybe helps figure out the issue:

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Hello @schmisie,

Were you able to setup your Cloudera Hive Driver on the KNIME Server properly using the information provided in the linked Forum topic?

Please get back to me if that is not the case.


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Due to absences we will try it until next week

Now it works fine, it was an issue of read permissions