Collection to String fails if no collection is present

Good morning,

I happen to recognize a few node inconsistencies amongst which

also surfaced. Whilst many nodes can be configured and execute even if not corresponding column type is present, the Collection to String can be configured but fails to execute.

In order to ensure workflows can proceed processing (soft fail), as data might not be consistently present or compliant, I’d like to suggest to add an option make make it default behavior to not break if corresponding collection type columns are not present.



Thanks Mike - good catch! I’m suspecting it also applies to some of the other Collection nodes too

I will look at getting a fix implemented - probably just a simple ‘Fail if no matching columns’ checkbox, which will default to false unless it is loading an existing node, in which case it will load as true the first time and add a warning during the workflow loading so that backwards compatibility is maintained - just in case anyone is relying on that failure.



You are most welcome and thanks too for picking it up so quickly!

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Hi Mike,

This should now be fixed in the nightly build - I’m just waiting for some minor tweaks of the build job configurations for the 4.6/4.7 stable builds and it will then propagate over there too…



As an aside, this took a bit more code rationalisation then I thought (a lot of copy-paste went into these nodes as they were developed!) - along the way, I spotted the potential for the other bug I mentioned, so @mwiegand - a double thank you!


You are fabulous and I am glad to be of help! Once the update arrived, I will double confirm your fix in the workflow I shared.


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