Inconsistent node behavior


in regards to

I’d like to bring to your attention inconsistent node behaviors which break the execution of the workflow.

Several nodes, despite no matching column input type is present, can be configured and executed. Like:

However, other’s can’t be configured like:

and some can be configured and executed but throwing a soft error like:

In order to ensure workflows can proceed processing (soft fail), as data might not be consistently present or be compliant, I’d like to suggest to add an option make make it default behavior to not break if corresponding collection type columns are not present.

The workflow follows soon.


Adding to this: I also noticed some nodes offer a dedicated option to replace the columns or not. Some notes only can replace them.

Hi @mwiegand -

Thanks for the detailed feedback. This issue is one that gets brought up from time to time. I can mention it to the developers again. No promises on when we might be able to make changes, of course.


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