Color Extraction from Color Manager

I would like to develop a Python View Node with plotly in python.
For Scatterplots there should be a way to choose between a standard color palette which is defined within the developed node and a color palette which is defined in the Color Manager Node.

Is it possible to extract the color information from the table with colors of the Color Manager Node?
I don’t really want to use the Extract Color Node to keep the workflow as simple as possible.

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Hi @schmidn,
Welcome to the KNIME Forum! Sadly the color information from the “Color Manager” node is not accessible from Python nodes. The general color management will receive an overhaul in the future (I don’t know any details yet). When this overhaul takes place we will make sure that Python nodes will be able to access color information. I fear, for now, you have to go with the “Extract Color” node.

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I once built this solution to use colours from the Color Manager in Python. Maybe not the most elegant way …

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