Color manager node do not recognize strings as nominal values


I am working on Knime for several weeks now and everything went well till now. I tryed to find a solution on internet before writing this, but I could not find anything, I hope that I am not duplicating post.

I am trying to assign colors to each unique strings in a column. For example, if i give as input :


I want to be able to have :

column1[String] colors
color2 blue
color1 red
color2 blue

So I connected this node to my workflow but it is like the manager color node is not able to find any column to apply its task, as when I want to configure the node, an error window tell me that :

"The dialog cannot be opened for the following reason:
Please provide input table with at least one column with either nominal and/or lower and upper bounds defined."

In have strings columns in my table, may be it is because there is too many unique of them, but I am not sure about that.

Could you please help me to figure what is happening with this node ?

Thank you



try connecting the domain calculator node prior to the colour manager node. This will help define the  nominal values for the column.


Dear Simon,

Thank you for your reply, it is working now !