Coloring in KNIME

Is it possible to color cells in KNIME. If I have a column in a spreadsheet which has 5 different values repeated number of times. Can I get those values colored in my KNIME result?
I tried color manager and color appender, found no success although I executed those node correctly.

Hi @Tushar_07 !

Let me try to help you :slight_smile: From what you describe, I think the color appender would be the node to use. Why haven’t you found success with them? Could you maybe post a small workflow so I can reproduce?



Hi @Tushar_07,

You cannot colorize cells in data tables (output data ports). The Color Manager node add a color tag to the rows in data tables. This color tag can be used to colorize data views (i.e. JavaScript views).

If you like to colorize cells in the output XLS file, you can use Continental nodes. Here is an example workflow at KNIME Hub:


P.S. BIRT can also do that for you:


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