Column Filtering

3 filtering modes: manually, by tape, by name. - manually you decide which column to keep and which to let go, through Add and Remove buttons. - by type you decide the columns to keep based on their type, like all Strings or all Integers. - by name you decide which columns to keep based on their name through wildcards and Reg Ex

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Hello, could you please help me, which Node I can use to sort in certain column the values alphabetically??, like in classic excel sort to A-Z, from smallest to biggest etc? Thanks a lot, desperately looking for

Hi @Averin7777 and welcome to the forum.

You are looking for the Sorter node :slight_smile:


Hello, thanks a lot, just in new job, we start using KNINE, completely new for us, and working with huge data mess files in excel. Maybe my “stupid” questions will be continues :innocent: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ask away! Everybody starts somewhere, right? :slight_smile:

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Just now need to find some Node or String of couple Nodes, that can deleted empty rows in file as well as rows containing 0 values as number. The excel file contains over 74K rows, there are torn appart by the GAPS including just 0 values in rows and empty rows, in order to get completed file without these GAPS to use filters etc. Already tried Nodes - Column filter, Value Filter… :ok_man: :thinking:

Discovered Node Rule- based Row Filter, but my syntax does not work : $Product$ = 0 => TRUE OR $Product$ = “” => TRUE, need get work in column Product contains empty rows thousands, and rows with 0 excluded all empty rows and rows with 0, but not familiar with syntax, if you could write the right one, it would help a lot

Missing value node can handle empty rows
Row filter can handle rows contain 0 s


$Product (#1)$ = 0 OR $Product (#1)$ = “” => TRUE seems it works like this one, hope that “” is right one for empty values. Thanks Kenyx ! Will try

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