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Hi - I am new to knime. I am trying to follow an exercise using netflix movie database. Goal is to show a line plot for the types of shows (its count) year on year.
The excel sheet has various shows of netflix, its type (Movie/Tv Show), year added to netflix etc. So I read this file, then used the pivoting node to Group by year added and pivot by type. Since I want to show the line plot for both movie and tv, I am using column rename to get the values (Movie/Tv show) in the type column in the column rename config. But I only get year added and type and note as year added, Movie type and Tv show type. can you pls help?

Hi @rforramsundar,

Cannot quite grasp your problem.
Can you add an example workflow with your problem or try to show the problem with a few screenshots?

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Hi, thank you very much,
sorry if I was not very clear.
I am trying to plot a graph for number (count) of TV shows and movies separately, year on year. Both Tv show and Movies are values present in a colume “Type”
In my pivoting node, I have chosen Group by year and pivot by Type. So pivot table comes correctly with 3 columns, year, count of Tc shows and count of movies.
So what happens when I attach this pivoting node to column rename, I only get year and a total count of type column, whilst I am expecting it to give - year, total count of movie as another col and total count of Tv shows as 3rd col.
As a result when i attach a line plot to the column rename, I get only 1 plot for total type count, but i am expecting 2 plots - one for count(tv show) and one for count(movies).
Hope I am able to tell this more clearly

Hello @rforramsundar,

and welcome to KNIME Community! Unfortunately I also can not figure out what the problem could be. To avoid guessing can you share your workflow? See here how to create and share reproducible examples:


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