Column Renamer Node Is Corrupted, Has Returned

As detailed in the closed thread… Column Renamed seems corrupted - KNIME Analytics Platform - KNIME Community Forum

I am now experiencing this bug after the 5.2.3 update.

Please check into this error.

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Hi @rrousselot,

Would you please explain what you are experiencing exactly?

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The linked forum post says it all. Any Column Renamer that existed in the workflow with more than one rename gets corrupted. Luckily it you only rename one column you can use the node, but each rename will require a new node. The bad part of it is that the corruption loses the state of the renames so it can be hard to recreate the state of the pre corrupted node.

Thank you @rrousselot,

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem as explained in the topic you mentioned. I can add multiple (different) columns to rename them.

Would you please provide us with a screenshot of the configuration dialog and the error message (or the problem)?


I will if I see it again, I spent time fixing all the issues so I can’t seem to find one now, but if I do, I will post it.


Hi. I exactly have the same issue. After updating to Knime 5.2.4, column renamer accepts only one column to be renamed. All my workflows are corrupted.

I never found a satisfactory resolution to this issue it just went away. Well, I did spend hours fixing workflows but it didn’t happen again.

I updated to the new version so I’ll keep a lookout.

It’s the cliche answer but try restarting KNIME a few times (reboot too?).

I wish I had a better solution for you.

@armingrudd Maybe @Prismup could provide you with screenshots?