Columns needs filling with the data in following row's first and second column


I have the following data.


and my required output is as below,


The logic behind the output is that, it moves the first column, 2nd and 3rd row data into the 3rd column 1st row in order. and the Column 2 row 3 data into the column 4. it should also come after the existing data in the row 1 column 3 and 4.

Any idea on how to do it.
Attached are the input and output data.
Book1.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Hi @kanishka271

You can use a similar approach as with the other topic that you raised.

With the Access features in the CE, you can use column/row “coordinates”. Note that it starts to count from zero so the offset is 1.

As such,

 column("column3") + column(0,1) + " " + column(0,2)

Meaning the original value of column 3 + column 1 row 2 + space + column 1 row 3

column("column4") + column(1,1)

Meaning the original value of column 4 + column 2 row 2

fi you want to keep your data clean, you can use

if (column("column4") != null)
    column("column4") + column(1,1)
else {

Adding a filter to just keep the first row.



Hope this helps!


Hello This does the job. thank you very much. However the dataset that I am dealing with now has to go down around 25 rows to fill the column. how do I maximise the offset?

Have a look at the advanced tab in column expression

I change the multi-row access to 20 and it still says, maximum offset is 10


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