combing multiple reporting workflows in a dashboard?

Hello everyone,
I have multiple workflows that I have designed to generate different reports using BIRT. They all work perfectly separately, but I was wondering if there is any way to make a dashboard where I can quickly create reports in one place instead of running separate workflows each time? Please note that each workflow requires me to upload one to three excel sheets before I can execute them, and they all have different BIRT layouts and master pages. Thank you in advance.

Hi @amirmbhd,

yes, that is possible via controlling the execution of your different workflows with the Call Local Workflow (Row Based) node.

I build a little example for you (using KNIME 4.5.), which makes use of the new re-execution capability of the widget nodes: kathrin/Forum Questions – KNIME Hub

The interactive view of the control component allows you to select one of the reports. Based on the selection you can then upload either one or two data tables. Afterwards the path of these tables are send to the workflow that creates the report. The workflow then uses the uploaded tables. Finally the report is send back to the control workflow, saved and a download option is provided.

In the workflows that create a report a Container Input (JSON) node is used to receive the JSON Table with the file paths, which are used to control the input location in the excel reader nodes.

Please have a look and let me know in case you have any questions.

PS: I also uploaded the xlsx file that I used for testing
PPS: The workflow could be further optimized, e.g. by controlling the Workflow Path of the Call Local Workflow (Row Based) node via a flow variable


OMG Thank you so much for all the information. I was able to build the dashboard, and it works great. You are a lifesaver. I just have one additional question for you. The dashboard works great for all of my workflows except one workflow. For this workflow, I need to upload three excel files, I upload two of them manually, and the third excel file is linked to an SFTP site using an SSH connector node. When I tried that workflow, I could not retrieve the excel files from the SFTP site and could not generate a report. Do you think it’s possible to add that workflow to the dashboard? Thanks again for all your help.

Hi @amirmbhd,

out of my head I don’t see any reason why that shouldn’t work :slight_smile:

Do you know already why the workflow in failing? Could it be that some passwords are missing?

If not can you please:

  1. Reset the workflow that creates the report
  2. Try to execute the workflow via the call local workflow (row based) node
  3. Check the error message in the workflow that should create the report


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Hi @Kathrin, I think I am missing something obvious, but since I have never built dashboards in KNIME, I don’t know the problem. When I run the original workflow, I have to configure the excel reader node and pick the file from the SFTP site, but the dashboard still asks me to upload a file! I think I somehow need to tell the dashboard to give options from the SSH connector instead of asking to upload a file, but I don’t know how. Maybe I am connecting the SSH connector to the wrong thing?
Please find attached a screenshot of the workflow for your reference.

Hi @amirmbhd,

ahh I see the point in that case you need to adjust the dashboard.

Does the file name of the file changes? Otherwise this could be handled by a fixed file path.



Thank you @Kathrin . Are you referring to URL to file Path node? and should I just add it to the dashboard workflow without changing the original workflow?

Sorry for bit being precise enough. I mean the file that you read via the SHH Connection. Is the name or location of this file changing over time? Otherwise you could use a fixed path here and don’t use the upload option for this file.

The other option is to upload this Excel File like all the other Excel files. In that case you wouldn’t need the SHH Connections.



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