Comparing Lists

Hi everyone,

I need to compare two lists and output the missing value between the two lists.

List 1: [A B C D]
List 2: [A B C]

I would like to treat List 1 as the “Dictionary” value. Therefore, the output I am looking to achieve would be [D] since it is the missing value in List 2 when compared to List 1.

Any ideas on how to achieve this? I downloaded the Column Expressions node and feel like there is a way to do this.


Hi Collin,
you could do a split and ungroup and then join the data to only get the non matching fields.
Sth like that

Whether that suits your needs might also depend on your complete data of course, maybe it gets you started


Hi @CollinTateman , I put something together:

Whatever is in the yellow rectangle is to generate the 2 lists, which you should already have in your workflow, so all the logic I added comes after the yellow rectangle.

For List 2, I pushed it further and created a few lists, and with one particular example where more than 1 item is missing.

List 1 (Basically same as you have: A, B, C, D):

List 2:

And the results:

Here’s the workflow:
Lists compare.knwf (37.9 KB)


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