comparing two tables

Hi there,
I want to compare two tables with theses situations:

  1. different rows number
  2. different columns number
  3. few number of same columns (for example 3 columns)

I’m familiar with “join”, “table difference finder” and “compare two tables”.
But I want to get more statistical features, like for example similarity percent.
I should say that maybe it is better to change my path to search about ‘dataset comparison’.
Thx for your replies.

Hi @aminfazeli43,

so you want to create a measure of similarity between two workflows, correct?
In that case you can use the Extract Table Dimension – KNIME Hub node. This outputs the number of rows and columns of each table.
You then could concatenate both tables and check how the number of columns has changed and use this as a baseline for your similarity metric. The workflow could look something like this:
Important here is that the Concatenade node uses the option “Use intersection of columns”.

I also found a similar forum topic that might be useful for you: Count number of columns in file and compare column names

Best regards


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