Completion of the process in the DB node in a certain time

Hello everyone. An interesting case has recently arisen. The process is frozen in the DB Reader node. That is, now it was necessary to manually stop-complete the process. Now the question arises. How to make it so that if the process does not work in 10-15-20minutes, make the process stop on its own?

Hey @Nuke_Attokurov,

If I am understanding correctly, you are essentially looking to see if you can timeout a node if it takes too long.

I would take a look at the following forum post linked below that has a similar problem.

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Hello, that’s right. Tell me, can you please give a small example?

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In the forum I linked above, he had a sample workflow of how you might implement it. Additionally, you may need to wrap the workflow in a capture workflow and call on it in order to utilize the timeout settings he refers too.

However, depending on what you want, there is also the issue outlined in this forum post:

If the method outlined in the first post does not seem to work, a workaround is using KNIME business hub and just canceling the job if it takes too long and having it re execute again on cancellation.

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