Componenten with Widgets / Generic Javascript, prevent excute with default values

I’m having a problem with components and generic java script view or input widgts.
I have a main workflow with a component (Component of Mainworkflow).
There are two more components in this component. One input component (widget, GSView etc for user input) and one for data processing.

If I execute the component in the main workflow (execute and open views) then the input component is executed with the default values ​​and also the data processing component with the default values ​​of the input component.
Can that be prevented? So that the input component is not executed with default values and wait for user input?
Thnaks for help

Hi @Tim8200,

if i understood you correctly you could do it with a conditional loop end and a rule engine.

Wrap your user input in the conditional loop and check the users input for default values with the rule engine.
Should the default values be used in an unwanted combination set the conditional loop end to false and bring the user back to the user input :slight_smile:

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