MetaNodes / Components for Cleanup not working with Input-Widgets ?

I have problems with the use of metanodes and components on the knime server.
If I don’t structure the workflow and only convert the user input widgets into components, everything works.
If i want to “clean up” the workflow and create e.g. Metanodes in which the input components are contained, these are executed, but the input query to the user is not made.

If I do not use metanodes, but components, I have the problem that the complete component of the mainworkflow (level0) is executed with default values ​​(Componenten with Widgets / Generic Javascript, prevent excute with default values).
Now the workflow crashes because e.g. user inputs are missing.

Do I always have to separate the input queries in a component in the main workflow or am I missing something here?

Hi Tim,
That is correct, components that act as interaction points for the user should be in the main workflow. You can nest a component into another component, but I do not recommend this just to tidy up the workflow for the the following reason: When the workflow is executed, each top-level component is first executed with the default values and then, after the user has made changes, reexecuted with the new values. Therefore it is not advisable to put much processing into such “interaction” components. Any heavy data manipulation or things that do not work with the default values should be separated from the components containing the widget nodes. So I would create lightweight components to ask values from the user or present results, and components or metanodes in-between for the actual workflow logic.
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