Conda process termined with error code 1

Hi Everyone,
i have the similar problem to the one described here:
KNIME 4.3: Conda Environment Propagation installing all necessary packages except for one. But i don’t have any nods yet, the error occurs when i go to Preferences/KNIME/Conda.

Some wrote in the previous topic that maybe it is missing fitter library or conda environment should be changed from the base to some other. So i installed fitter, i cloned conda environment and switched to the cloned one (in conda) but of course it changed nothing. I’m not even sure if this had any chances to work when my error is at the stage of passing the path to conda. When i go to the Preferences/KNIME/Python there are no conda environments available. Any ideas what else can be done here?

Thank you in advance!
but when i get this error on that stage am I even able to change the environment?

And please ignore the last sentence - copy/paste issue :sweat_smile:

Hi Michal,

Could you please provide your installed AP version as well as the steps you performed to install Conda and Python (and versions)? Could you please take screenshots of the Python settings in AP (File->Preferences->Python)?
Was it working before or this is the first time you are configuring this feature?

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Hi Attila,
KNIME version is 4.6.0
Conda version is 4.14.0
I used Anaconda | Anaconda Distribution to install conda and during the installation just followed the steps, no extraordinary actions.
I pasted the view from File->Preferences->Python, but as it looks like KNIME ‘doesn’t see’ Conda, there is nothing here. And it is the first time i try to configure it.


Hi Michal,

can you please make sure the conda is working properly outside of KNIME?
(Verify your installation)
Also, could you please provide us the knime.log so that we can check?
(Log file)

Thank you and best regards,

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