Connect to a POSTGRES database using a .pem file (SSH Tunnel -RSA Private Key)

I need to connect to a POSTGRESQL database that has an SSH tunnel to be authenticated!
I received the .pem file with the RSA PRIVATE KEY, however I don’t know exactly how to set this up in the “POSTGRESQL CONNECTOR” node. I saw some topics here in the forum referring to JDBC PARAMETERS, however, I was not successful!!


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Hi @SouzaManu and welcome to the forum.

Currently we don’t tunneling database connections through SSH, although we have a ticket for it in our system (AP-12466). I will add a +1 from you on that ticket.


If anyone else has a need for this feature, there’s a topic on Feedback & Ideas that you can vote on:


Hi @ScottF

Thanks for the feedback!
Can you tell me if there are alternatives for access? Some manual model with scripts to ensure the maintenance of database access by Knime…

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