Connection to Access database that has linked tables of SQL server

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I was not able to read the linked tables via MS Accesss connector. Those tables are linked to tables in an SQL server database. On this forum, I have found the below post:

However, I could not find a solution therein. Can anyone help here?


Hi @Yi_Liu and welcome to the forum.

Based on the forum post you found and the limitations of the UCanAccess driver, it looks like this won’t work. (That said, I am not a DB expert and am happy to be corrected by someone who knows better and has a magic bullet solution!)

Is there a reason why you can’t use the Microsoft SQL Server Connector to access your tables directly, and bypass MS Access altogether?

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IIRC when I was researching this issue, it did look like there were a couple of Access drivers that would support, but they cost money, so I stopped researching the issue. My ‘solve’ was to export the table I needed from Access into a server/folder. Access gives you the ability to “Save export steps” and integrate it into Outlook as a Task which makes it a one-click export, without ever having to open Access again. I believe there is also a way to have Windows Task Scheduler kick off the export from Access, completely removing any human element, but for me, I don’t need hourly/daily exports of this, so I stick with the one-click export whenever I have to run the KNIME workflow that needs this table.

If you do find a different solution though, please post! :slight_smile:


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