Microsoft Access connector doesn't read linked data?

I have a Microsoft Access file/db that contains linked data. I’ve successfully used the Connector node to access the file, but when using the DB Table Selector node, I can only view local tables or queries based off local tables. Is there some setting that needs to be changed either on the KNIME side or the Access side to enable the ability to pull in linked data?


Hi @Snowy,
which driver are you using?
This looks like there are some limitation of the build in MS Access Driver (UCanAccess).

UCanAccess can work with linked tables that point to native Access tables in another .accdb or .mdb file. What it cannot do is work with ODBC linked tables that point to tables on some other database platform like SQL Server, MySQL, etc… [see this post]

What kind of linked tables are you trying to work with?
Best regards Mareike

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Thanks for the reply, @mareike.hoeger.
I suppose I’m using the Access drivers shipped with KNIME. I have not loaded any other drivers:

And yes, the linked table is a SQL Server I believe. Your reply gave me a starting point. I’ll see if I can’t find a solution perhaps with some different drivers.


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