Console doesn’t display anything

Posting this as all threads I found on the topic are dead and unanswered and it is quite an annoying issue to have to deal with.
I was having the issue where the Console, no matter the error or notification was showing me nothing:

Image “borrowed” from here: Console doesn’t work / doesn’t display anything - KNIME Analytics Platform - KNIME Community Forum

Anyway, what worked for me was going to Preferences, Knime classic user interf, and selecting any other Log Level than the one currently selected.
That seems to jostle it back to life:

Hope this helps someone and happy Knimeing.


Hi @MMarius -

Sorry for the trouble, but appreciate you coming to share the workaround you found!


Indeed it works for me too.

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Hello, Thank you very much, It solved my issue.


My pleasure. It’s all about give and take. I have “taken” my fair share of help, just happy to give back a little.

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